Has your organization considered ServiceNow in the past, but turned away because of the licensing, training, and implementation costs?

Hesitate no more—Fully Managed is here to help you lower the barrier to entry with GrandCentral, our pre-built, ready-to-go ServiceNow®-as-a-Service solution. In addition to reducing or eliminating the need for costly expertise, resources, and development time, GrandCentral allows you to:

  • Get up and running within 6-8 weeks
  • Purchase as few as five licenses and scale to hundreds if needed
  • Provide consistent, outstanding customer service anytime, anywhere
  • Streamline business operations and gain real-time visibility 
  • Grasp the insights you need to continuously improve your business 

GrandCentral makes the power of a modern enterprise service management solution available to all!

At Fully Managed, we believe organizations of all sizes should have access to enterprise-grade technology that works the right way for them. GrandCentral is our hosted version of the industry-leading ServiceNow platform, which allows small- to medium-sized enterprises to realize value faster and do away with the configuration complexities that can arise with standalone implementations. 

GrandCentral is offered in a subscription payment model that includes implementation and configuration services. Rely on a team of ServiceNow® administrators to execute on your digital transformation.