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Contact Tracing For Senior Care

As Senior Care facilities prepare for the possibility of re-opening to outside visitors, rapid and robust infection control methods will be essential to prevent and contain outbreaks. Contact Tracing is a critical infection control tool to keep residents and staff safe in the future. However, a one-size-fits all approach to contact tracing will not work in congregate living settings that are prone to outbreaks and house the most vulnerable population. What are the various contact tracing methods available today? And what tracing tools can allow facilities to control outbreaks, return residents to the life they had before the pandemic and provide peace of mind to family members knowing that their loved ones are safe.

Join Fully Managed (formerly CareWorx) and CarePredict as we discuss:

  • The Contact Tracing challenges in Senior Care facilities

  • Why symptom-based testing and conventional contact tracing is not sustainable in senior group living communities

  • The benefits of digital contact tracing

  • The CarePredict PinPoint Contact Tracing solution for senior living communities

Send Us Your Questions

Contact tracing has become a very important topic of discussion since COVID-19 hit. But it has applications for future emergency preparedness beyond the pandemic. Your questions on the subject are welcome! Don’t hesitate to send them in advance of the webinar to  


The webinar will be live Tuesday July 7, 2020  2:00pm  ET  | Can’t make the scheduled time? You can still register and we’ll send you the recording.