How to protect your business in today's cyber battlefield

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What will you learn?

Cyber attacks against small businesses continue to grow, with companies of any size now an active target. You need to adopt a proactive, layered approach to protect your data, systems and people in this volatile environment. We can show you:


Untitled design (1)-4   How hybrid work is transforming cybersecurity


Untitled design (1)-4  Applications, tools and processes that can help you optimize costs while minimizing risk


Untitled design (1)-4   What to expect when applying for cybersecurity insurance and what insurers demand


Untitled design (1)-4   How to turn SOC-2 into a competitive advantage


Learn from our security experts

Join our panelists for a discussion about you can keep your business, your data and your people safe in today's digital world.


Ryan Vallee

VP of Product Marketing


 Robert Bracey

Soc-2 Guru


Matthew Williams

Virtual CIO


Barry Semple

VP of IT and Security

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