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Amid rising turnover and rapidly expanding care needs, many facilities face an unprecedented staffing crisis. Fully Managed has introduced a solution that accelerates and simplifies PointClickCare User Account Provisioning. GrandCentral SeniorCare (GCs) easily automates account creation tasks, turning what typically takes or days into minutes, giving your care delivery team more time for meaningful work. GrandCentral Senior Care is pre-validated and easy to manage software with rapid implementation available. Proven ROI, as soon as 3 months.

Join our webinar and learn more about how you can

  • Create new user accounts FAST
  • Save time and money lost to manual onboarding, modifying and deactivating accounts
  • Reduce human error and duplication
  • Close security gaps

Fully Managed is a market leader in technology solutions for Senior Care. Our technology and support is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of care delivery teams and residents. GCs is an approved application in PointClickCare Marketplace.

Available now!

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