Citizens in today's digitized world have high expectations. They want interaction and engagement with their government, just as they would with consumer brands - anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Join our subject matter experts and peers as you learn about how ServiceNow and Fully Managed have successfully co-delivered and assisted government organizations in creating a personalized experience that gets all the information and can drastically improve satisfaction while reducing the costs.

What you will learn during this session:

  • Connect frontline personnel to the departments and people who can significantly cut down on resolution times.
  • Work as one team, providing visibility into case history and cross-channel, interdepartmental communications, so you can solve problems faster and increase accountability and transparency.
  • Digitize and drive greater velocity with your service delivery via connected digital workflows.

Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to qualify for participation in a custom-tailored advisory program, offering strategies to digitally transform their business and inspire the future of citizen service delivery. This engagement helps customers establish a deep understanding of cross-departmental workflows and strategically align them to their business objectives and desired outcomes.