As organizations prepare to return to the office, ServiceNow (Forbes' Most Innovative Company in the World) has released a new application suite that simplifies the process of returning employees to the workplace.
In this webinar, Fully Managed will take a closer look at the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Applications and examine how these applications can transform administrative workloads into workflows and spark digital transformation across the HR department.
The webinar will cover:
  • A live demonstration of each application (Employee Readiness Surveys, Employee Health Screening, Workplace PPE Inventory Management and Workplace Safety Management)
  • An understanding of how the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps can help support returning employees back to work safely and productively
  • How Fully Managed can help you implement these tools quickly to get your workforce back to work safely.


The webinar will be live August 6th at 1pm ET. Can’t make the scheduled time? You can still register and we’ll send you a recording of the complete webinar.